Registration/Abstract Submission

Registration for ParisEdge2017 are open. The number of total attendees is limited.

The registration fee covers the conference, coffee breaks, lunches (October 16th, 17th and 18th) and the aperitif of the poster session.
The conference dinner (see section "Venue") is optionally included during the registration procedure.

The registration is a two-step procedure:
1- go to this page first, in order to pay the registration fee (or opt for a "reservation" at the final step of the procedure if you intend to pay with a bon de commande ), and obtain your registration code,
2- then fill this template

Word - 35.3 kb

and send it to parisedge2017 (arobase) in order to submit your abstract.

You will receive within a few days a confirmation email from us acknowledging your submission (please whitelist both the adresses parisedge2017 (arobase) and parisedge2017 (arobase) in order to be sure that our emails will not be filtered as spam, and contact one of the organizers directly if you don’t receive any confirmation email).

The deadline for the abstract submission has been extended to August 10th. All contributions will be accepted as posters, by default. A limited number of slots for oral contributions is available (please specify in the abstract if your contribution is "poster only" or "poster/oral") and they will be attributed by the organizing committee among the "poster/oral" submissions. The possible selection as an oral contribution will be notified by the organizing committee after the deadline for abstract submission.